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i'm zab (short for eli-ZAB-eth) a human-centered industrial designer fascinated by systems, the future of food, sustainability and behavior.

i started as an industrial designer after googling "ART that helps PEOPLE" and am always looking for ways that i can give my creativity to help others around the world live life better.

currently i work at oxo in nyc, where i started after graduating from lawrence tech in may 2017. during summer '16, i worked on soft goods at rei, then virtual reality and digital experiences at vectorform in fall '16!  (Check out my LinkedIn or resume for the long version.) 

in my spare time i cook, write music for my ukulele, make clothes and snowboard whenever possible.

thanks for swinging by!





( p.s. you can also check out my Instagram for snippets of my design process, but please be aware it's primary use is an outlet for punny captions... )