Hi! I'm Zab (short for eli-ZAB-eth.) 

I'm a designer and researcher fascinated by systems, the future of food and sustainability. (Currently stoked on 3D ocean farming...I highly recommend the book "Eat Like a Fish")

As a freshman, I Googled "art that helps people" and found industrial design. Experience has led me to "systems that help planet." Together, they form a manifesto for my design process and life.


I currently work at Rivian on systems and products related to Electric Adventure Vehicles. Previously I was at OXO in NYC and also did a gear design internship at REI in Seattle before that - graduating from Lawrence Tech in May 2017. 

Outside work you can find me stomping through the woods to find native plants, cooking, making things I wish existed, tinkering with my ukulele, snowboarding and hiking whenever possible.

Thanks for swinging by!

Thanks for reaching out! I'll be in touch shortly.